About Us

The owners of Ante Modern Furniture and Lighting come from a family with many generations in the furniture and lighting business. They have extensive international experience in importing, carpentry and electrical work.

Ante Modern Furniture and Lighting was launched in 2003. In order to offer our customers the fairest prices and closely monitor the quality, the decision was made to import directly from the manufacturers. By diligently selecting vendors and team members, our focus remains on delivering exquisite, affordable and intelligent modern solutions, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

Our first showroom opened on Yonge Street, the longest and busiest street in Toronto. The showroom is in a bustling location, where something new is always being developed. Our flagship store is still there, where we have an excellent reputation and a number of repeat customers.

Our second showroom is a large store in the heart of Downtown Toronto. It is in yet another bustling area, just a few steps from the St. Lawrence Market.

We constantly expand our range in an ongoing effort to bring you the latest in furniture and lighting innovation, technology and design. Our main goal here at Ante Modern Furniture and Lighting is to provide our customers with complete solutions, whether they need to furnish one room, or an entire home. Our collection includes many modular options and designs that can articulate a homogeneous style line, or be mixed with antique, classic or modern schemes.

We make every effort to make your experience with us easy and enjoyable. Our sales team is your first point of contact with us, and we ensure they are welcoming, understanding and knowledgeable. They will guide you through our showrooms, learning about your needs and finding the right items for you. We understand the stressful challenges that come with furniture shopping, renovations and redesigns. We encourage you to take your time and let us help you – our showroom staff will help you with modeling possible solutions and blueprinting. We also offer design consultations at your place where our team will be working closely with you to create rooms that are true to your lifestyle.

We are a company who thrives on building relationships - relationships with outstanding suppliers, relationships within our company, and most importantly, long-term relationships with you – our customers. Repeat business and referrals are a major part of our success and we value the relationships and friendships we‘ve built over the years. Contact us or come see us in one of our showrooms today. We’ll do the best for you.

Our Materials


Our products combine the elements of simple modern design with new-type materials, resulting in exquisite, clean aesthetics and smooth finishes. While remaining stylish, our pieces are always practical, functional and durable. We use the best quality materials we can acquire, including the following: 

Wood: We work with European White Oak, which grows in countries like Italy, France and Belgium. The wood is firm with clear growth rings, and long, fine grains. Featuring a sense of dimension and naturalness, it is a high-grade material perfect for the making open-pore furniture.

Glass: The glass we use is Italian Satinato glass, which is made using a new type of glass surface treatment - a revolutionary technique in the glass industry. Satinato glass resists scratching and breakage. Other pieces use tempered glass which adheres to the international standard, making it seven times stronger than ordinary glass. It can handle high temperatures and resists scratching and breakage. 

Lacquer: Many of our pieces are coated in Italian Lacquer - a rich layer of colour in both glossy and matte options. Our lacquer finish is comprised of 6 coats of polyurethane paint - 3 UV base coats and 3 top coats. The number of coats ensures a resilient layer all over the furniture, helping to resist scratching and chipping. Each lacquered piece has been polished with a high-speed circular polishing machine, giving it an even finish all over. This is lacquer of the highest quality meaning it will keep its colour sharp and bright over the years and it will also keep its sheen (in the case of glossy lacquer) and its smooth look (in the case of matte lacquer). 

Hardware: We use anodized aluminium in many of our products for a silver brushed-metal look. The process of anodization prevents air oxidization and corrosion and makes the aluminium stronger. This also helps keep the aluminium looking bright and new over time. We also use Italian DANCO brand hinges for our doors on all cabinetry, buffets, wardrobes and storage pieces. DANCO is a top brand around the world, well known for making the best quality hinges and other hardware. Drawers and sliding doors run on German runners of the best quality, allowing for smooth opening and closing and providing, for many pieces, a soft-close mechanism.